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What resources are there for Student Pilots?

Hello, it’s Mohsina. I am a high school student. I was wondering if there is any website or anything I can use where I can virtually see how physics and control acting on the airplane. I mean virtual lab in a website type of thing. This would really help me to know what happens when I use the controls correctly and when I don’t. Please, let me know if you guys are aware of any type of thing that I can do.

Also, please, let me know your experiences with Microsoft flight simulators and staff. Do they help and in what ways.

I have taken other science classes in my high school except for physics. So, If you can recommend to me a book that I should buy on aerodynamics behind airplanes for beginners. And feel free to suggest to me any type of books in the aviation-related area.

Advance thanks. It would really help me get a start while I wait for a couple of months after graduating in order to finance my training.

Welcome back, Mohsina,

There’s plenty of info on the web, including YouTube. The FAA also publishes all of their textbooks on their website. The Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and the Airplane Flying Handbook is a good place to start, though I must warn you that without formal instruction most of the concepts will be difficult to grasp.

We are not fans of flight sims. Those are games, not instructional tools and often yield bad habits.

If you want more than that, then I would recommend getting a copy of a King Schools Private Pilot video ground school program. I should mention though that ATP includes all of their programs in your tuition (if you decide to join).



The University of North Dakota has a very nice website for its aviation program and it has a lot of interactive trainers. I use this all the time with my students.



There’s literally thousands of websites, videos, etc on the internet. As for aerodynamics the subject can be a simple or as complex as you make it. A very common misconception people have is they believe to be a pilot you need to be a physics major or have an engineering level understanding of the subject. The fact is nothing could be further from the truth. As pilots we need to understand what happens when we move the flight controls but not much beyond that.

The FAA library Tory mentioned is everything and will really cover most of what you need to know.



I would recommend this playlist by ERAU.

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Hi. I knew about the FAA site. Will start doing that. Thanks a lot Tory.

Thank You. I was looking for something like this.

Got it, Thank You!

Thank You. I will definitely check it out.