Books and other preparations

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I just wanna ask what are the good books I should learn and read before getting into flight school since I am starting from the scratch. I know it is going to be overwhelming that’s why I wanna learn ahead of time so when I start we can just do some recap or gather more knowledge than starting from zero. Aside from the books what are the other preparations that I have to do.

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Are you starting with ATP, or a different flight school?


This is a free book from the FAA (there are many in their library) that’s a great place to start.


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Yes sir I am going to ATP in Dallas


There are tons of free materials out there, Adam linked one of the main free publications. You can find material throughout the FAA’s website and on YouTube if you prefer visual aides, podcasts and audiobooks do also help for those that need a bit of pick me upper than just reading text. I always preferred watching and listening to what I’m learning than just straight reading it from text.


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The best thing you can do is to knock out as many written exams as you can before you start. I believe having the PAR completed is required but the other 5 exams can be finished ahead of time too. The more you complete, the lighter the load you’ll have going through the program.

Once that is done, make sure all your first day items are completed on your student extranet. At this point, you can start reading the aircraft supplement book and dabble in the PHAK Adam posted above.


All the free FAA handbooks, and Everything Explained For the Professional Pilot.

EEPP is a must read because it hits on everything you’ll need to know for ATP CTP.

I would argue that EEPP is way too advanced for where Jhon is in his education right now. One has to know the basics before they can learn the advanced info.

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Yes, the EEPP is heavily focused on Commercial and ATP, but the last section goes over PPL fundamentals and many sections touch on PPL knowledge requirements for the written and ACS practical.

Plus, if you truly are desiring for a professional job as an end game, starting early with a once through of it helps paint a picture of what’s to come.

There is no need to lock the advanced knowledge in, but it will assist the aspiring pilot to understand what all goes into this role in a condensed manner given from a veteran commercial pilot.


I respectfully disagree with your statement about “starting early with a once through of it helps.” As a CFI, the Laws of Learning - specifically PRIMACY, should be taken seriously. Exposing someone to an airline transport pilot certificate before they have student one is not the way to teach. Unfortunately, the human mind will want to endure the things within that EEPP and someone could be distracted with the main focus and that’s learning the basics. There is plenty of time (IMO) to learn the more advanced things.



Thank you for the link to the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge!