What turbo prop is best for first job?

I asked a pilot at Okc Wiley Post about which aircraft to start in for best payscale and job availability and he cautioned me to not to get stuck in Cessenas. He mentioned a King Air.
Are there any other turbo prop craft you members suggest to make sure one doesn’t get stuck in a
profile of low pay before I’m allowed to transition to jets later???



Not sure who you spoke to but they’re def off on this.

Generally most people build time flight instructing and the Regionals are happy to hire someone with 1500hrs C172 and Seminole time. If you’re looking to fly a turboprop rather than instruct why wouldn’t they hire you with Caravan time?

These days there really is no getting stuck (unless you mess up with an incident, accident or DUI). Beyond that just build your time and move on.


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Thank you brother