What would happen to remaining hours if I left the ATP program after commercial


I am just wondering what happens to remaining hours if I leave the program now that I have my commercial single and commercial multi rating. I have been offered a job by a guy I know that will offer me 100 hours a month and give me great experience. I especially want to finish flying the multi engine hours I have left remaining. Do I just call training support and will they just allow me to fly the remaining hours? Is there a penalty for leaving the program early?


That’s a question for admin but I’d encourage you to think long and hard before you leave. What would you do if the job falls though or you simply don’t like it? There aren’t a ton of jobs out there for low-time pilots especially if you don’t have your CFIs.


Due to personal reasons, the job I have been offered is the best option for me right now. I know its an admin question, but I just wanted to know if anyone had an answer before I called


Call Training support for an official answer on this.



What happens to your hours and money if you opt out of CFI school is explained in the contract you signed on day 1. Direct all other related questions to admin.