While instructing at ATP is the housing still provided and for how long do they let you instruct?

Welp. Title says it all. The reason why is because while I finish my bachloars I want to continue instructing until I’m ready to move on.


The housing is still available to instructors based on availability, prices are typically $350 per month for a shared room, utilities included.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved instructing, but after 1,500 hours you will be more than ready to move on. For what it is worth, I do not think it is feasible for an ATP instructor to attend classes while instructing, you will simply be too busy. A better plan would be to work on your degree while you are at the regionals as you will have much more free time then.


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Thanks for the help Chris I’ll defiently take that advice instead

Anytime. Let us know how else we can help.


I take it the instructor housing fee is much less than the student fee? You noted that the instructor housing is $350 per month, but I believe the housing for students is $800 per month. Is that accurate?


It varies slightly by location but yes student housing is $200-225 a week.


Adam just a quick question, does ATP allow you to have a room all by yourself and How much would that cost if so? Or do they make you share no matter what


All of ATP’s rooms are shared.



All ATP housing is shared. Now depending on enrollment and the various phases of training you may find yourself alone or in a full house but there are no guarantees. If you wish to live by yourself you’d need to find your own housing. Personally I felt living with the other pilots very beneficial as there was a good amount of mentoring going on.


Oh ok sounds good thanks!

I see, yea I think it would be better to live with other pilots as well. Thanks for your response!