Will this on my record affect a flying career?

I am going to admit that I did something very stupid recently. I received 2 citations. One for speeding and the other for careless driving. The speeding ticket may possibly carry a license suspension of 30 days. I am currently working with an attorney on this, and she is trying to get the ticket reduced and waive the suspension. She also informed me that the judge in this town is very strict on these matters, so I don’t know. I currently have around 50 hours towards my PPL, so I still have quite some time before I’m qualified to apply to an airline. If my license ends up getting suspended, will I still be able to get a flying job?


The airlines don’t like speeding but as you said you have some time before you apply to any. If this was a one shot deal I wouldn’t be concerned. BUT, if you have future issues that demonstrates a pattern of disregard for the law and more important safety and it will be a problem. Entirely up to you how big a problem this becomes.



I will be honest, these are not good things. You do have time though and certainly the opportunity to learn from your mistakes. You need to make sure to keep your record absolutely, perfectly clean moving forward. I think you will be okay, but no more mistakes.