Work while in training

Is it possible to still work and train to be a pilot at the same time ? If so could you provide me with a link to read upon.


I recommend you visit the ATP Website and the FAQ section in this forum.


Okay thank you!

Funny you should ask, ATP just recently unveiled their Flex Track option, which is designed exactly for people need to work while flight training. Check it out here:

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Lurking prospective ATP student, have spent a few weeks scouting these forums trying to weigh the options of which flight school to go to. I’ve looked at local clubs, FBOs, and even doing “accelerated” programs one rating at a time by taking some time off work. I wish I could just take the time off from work entirely to attend ATP, but financially I can’t since I have a family to support.

Amidst many of the depressing events 2020 has brought, ATP has really offered me the hope of a new career with this new Flex Track program. While it is more expensive, I think ATP’s structure makes it the only flight school truly capable keeping a flex student proficient in an efficient amount of time. Couple that with the ability to still make $$ while in school, I’m hoping I can secure the financing soon to sign up. Kind of a dream come true for us working professionals :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who’s in the program now, but with it being so new there might not be many… I look forward to sharing my experience soon :slight_smile: