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Working in base

Hey all,

I’m new around here, I moved to USA from Britain in March 2020 and now reside in Baltimore, MD.

My goal is to achieve an airline eventually out of BWI or worst case Dulles - is this easily achieved?

Hi Nick,

Welcome to the forum. I’ll let the mentors answer your query but im also from Britain so wanted to say hello.

Unsure of your citizenship/visa status but i know you need to be a US citizen or permanent resident to do ATP.



The only airline I know that’s based in BWI is SouthWest and there are a few Regionals with bases in IAD so that’s your best bet. How easy it’ll be or not depends on you and how well you do in training and interviewing after.



Check out this domicile map: Airline Domiciles Map / ATP Flight School

Southwest is the only airline with a base at BWI, but there are several majors and regionals with bases at IAD and DCA.


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Not one of the site experts here, but I live in the Baltimore area and feel like I’ve got good options between Regan, Dulles and Philadelphia when the time comes (limited options at BWI). Depending on where in Baltimore you are , Philadelphia could be about the same drive time as the Washington area airports.

Hi Todd,

I’m about 20 mins from BWI and didn’t really think about the distances compared… definitely food for thought!