Worth Trying?

I am 44 years old and considering a career change as a pilot. Is it even possible? Is it worth it? What are the odds for people like me at my age? What are the pros and cons? I have a lot of financial obligations, and I am very concerned about putting my life on hold for a few years to pursue a different career. Has anyone here ever become a pilot at that age? Thank you for your time.

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  1. It’s definitely possible and happens daily provided you have: average intelligence, some coordination, are willing to work harder than most people ever have to accomplish a goal, can get a First Class Medical, have nothing too bad in your background check.

  2. The highest paid airline Capts earn close to $500k. Training is expensive and requires a few years of sacrifice unless you’re independently wealthy. A good friend of mine just dropped $120k on a Ford Raptor. I think he’s nuts but to him it was “worth it”. The worth of something is by definition subjective.

  3. While you’re not young, you’re far from too old (one of our most FAQs). If your start soon could have close to 20yrs of a flying career.

  4. Great, well respected age fun career, travel, high income potential are all pros. Cons are high cost and tremendous amount of hard work for admission, time away from home, lousy schedule until you build seniority, may require commuting of you’re not near a base. And of course zero guarantee of success as you might not be a good pilot.

  5. Many, many have (myself included). You are far from unique.




A fellow poster on the forum who’s 43 just started yesterday… it’s doable! I second everything Adam said, I’ve seen individuals in their 40’s succeed, but realistically speaking the longer you wait, the less career and seniority you will gain at an airline (if that’s where you desire to fly).


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Thank you greatly for replying and giving me your non-bias input. I appreciate it.