Written Exams


I am currently a senior in college and I will be graduating in December. I plan on enrolling with ATP as soon as I graduate and hopefully I can get a start date towards the beginning of 2018. It has been mentioned in other posts that knocking out the written exams is something you might want to do before beginning your flight training. I was hoping someone could weigh in on this as I would like to give myself adequate time to prepare for these exams, and so I can hit the ground running come 2018.


Dominic C.


It takes about two weeks to study for each exam using the Sheppard Air course, which ATP provides to you after you put your deposit down. I would not start studying too far out as the exams expire in two years if you have not taken your practical exam yet.

That being said, do not let your college studies suffer because you are studying for written exams, a good GPA will be important too.


Chris, thanks for the insight!