Written test prep ipad apps

Hello all,
I am looking to start at ATP in May at the DPA location. I am almost done with my private and looking for some info on the written test prep. I have read several threads about sheppard air’s programs. Do they have an ipad app for their stuff. I looked in the app store but could only find the flight test five app which seemed to be only ATP test prep. If they do not I am going to go with ASA since they have the apps. Also is there any reason to buy any ground school software from Gleim for example? Thanks gentlemen.

Hi Daniel,

I just took a quick look on Sheppard Air’s website and they do in fact say all their test preps are available for ipad. I’m not certain but it does seem that you might need to download the Flight Test 5 app to do so but I’d call Sheppard Air and ask. Also if you are planning on enrolling at ATP the Sheppard Air test prep software is included and available after you pay your deposit (https://atpflightschool.com/faqs/acpp-prep-written-knowledge-tests.html). I see no reason why you’d also need to purchase the Gleim software?


Thanks Adam! I wasnt aware until tonight that I could send in my test scores and sheppard air or ATP would give me an endorsement. I was thinking that I would need to complete the software study course to qualify for an endorsement to take the written.

Well there you go! Again you have to enroll and pay your deposit but after that you’re all good.