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Written Tests Time Requirement

How much time is recommended to complete all 7 written exams before starting class? Luckily I’m in a pretty good situation. I’m retiring from the USAF in March '22 and my current (and final) job is pretty chill. I haven’t started the admissions process, but probably will this week. I would like to start class in April, but that’s not a hard date. Since my job is chill, I could devote a few hours a day starting in a couple months (got some house to-dos…to do) to studying. But also during that time, I will be doing final Air Force out processing and major house packing and moving. Or I could wait and devote all my time to studying in March and just set my class start date sometime after that. I will be moving out of this house and therefore no more house to-dos, or packing, or whatever. So as you can see, my timeline is pretty open. I know most people would probably say “do the tests now and start class soonest.” But I also know that there’s something to be said for focusing on the tests as a full time job while there’s minimal life distractions and being able to hit the library and just concentrate. Especially if I have the option right now to setup my class start around it.

So, what do y’all think? How much time…

  1. Studying part time
  2. Studying full time



I don’t know you, don’t know your study habits, how you learn or how you like to study. Honestly at this point in your life I’d think you’d have some idea of what works best for you.

For me I have a really hard time studying full time. I get to a point where my mind drifts and I need to stop, so if someone recommends that to me it doesn’t matter. I can’t do it. What did was 2 weeks with a few hours of study each day. One test I crammed one solid day, took it and was fine. You need to do what works best for you and do that.



To be clear, the program is designed for the written tests to be completed while the student is in the program. Many, many people do it this way and are successful. If you have time, it is great to get some, or all of them, done prior to the program. However, I would in no way delay a start date to work on written exams. Seniority is too valuable in the airlines, especially when starting as a second career. Even a month could make a huge difference in your career. Do what you can between now and March, but do not delay training for it.



A few other students did a good write up on their written timeline.