2 Years of College

Hello all,

I have been looking to apply to the school for a while and I see the requirements have recently changed back to being less than the Bachelors degree requirements. I’m looking to apply to the school with 2 years of college experience, but I noticed on my transcripts that my GPA was a little lower than I remembered. The admission prerequisites page does not list a minimum GPA for having 2 years of college. What is the minimum the school will accept for a college GPA?


There is no hard cutoff. It’s more of a total picture based on your school and work experience. You should contact ATP admissions and have a conversation.


Thank you for the information. I will be giving them a call shortly.


I don’t know how long “shortly” is, but enrollment dates fill up quite fast. Depending on when you are thinking of enrolling you may want to call sooner rather than later. Just food for thought.