GPA for Admission?

The HS GPA requirement for recent grads is 3.0. I graduated in 2022 with a 2.9. There were some hiccups during COVID that hurt my GPA. In my final 1.5 years of HS, my GPA was 3.6.
Does ATP allow any exceptions to the 3.0 requirement? I’m hesitant to submit my transcript with the 2.9…and am instead considering getting my PPL before applying. My first choice is to start at ATP with ZERO hours. What are your recommendations? Thank you.


Having a 3.O (or a PPL) is no guarantee for admission. They’re simply 2 of the many items ATP considers. We (and ATP) also recommend college first.

You can of course apply and ATP will either accept you or give your a better idea of what you’ll need for admission.



ATP puts this nice little bold statement believe their prerequisites for both “Zero Time” and “Credit Private”:

Note that admission to ATP is extremely competitive, and meeting the criteria above does not guarantee acceptance.

I think at this time you could apply to ATP and see what they would have to say. The other thing is, do you have any college credits at this time? Is there just a 1.5-year gap between now and high school? You don’t have to explain what the gap is, but ATP may be curious and that could lead to a decision quickly if you’ve just been ‘chilling’.