2020 Flying Breakdown

My 2020 in a nutshell - 411 hours, 150K NM, 10 crossings. Next month is 737MAX training and all HI inter island flying. Despite making the “Dean’s List” here at Southwest, they recently rescinded our WARN letters and announced that they have no plans for furloughs/pay cuts through the end of next year (our most junior pilot is Dean, so the movement has been #keepdean and those of us who received WARN letters are considered a part of the Dean’s List :sweat_smile:). Things are looking up and I am definitely hopeful for a better year for all of us in the aviation industry in 2021!



Glad to hear things are better there. InterIsland is a hoot. Take a look at the visual for Rwy 3 in LIH. They don’t use it often but when they do I often see you guys go around. Oh and don’t be one of the SWA pilots that fly over the land on base to Rwy 8 in ITO, the locals get huhu :wink:


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I’d be surprised if that’s true as we’re only allowed to land on runway 3 in an emergency lol. Also, if you know SWA you know you don’t see go arounds often :wink: Locals seem to be happy so far but I’ll keep that in mind haha thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for posting, a great geographic and even better cultural representation of SWA.

Hoping to be on board well and clear before the next slow down, otherwise it might be #SaveChris!

Have a good rest of your holiday week,


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Interesting, curious what y’all do when they close 35? Nothing wrong with a go around when it’s necessary (but you know that). Locals are def fans of your pricing but no one likes when you fly over their house at 1500’! :slight_smile:


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Haha not quite as catchy as the #saveourjohnson campaign from the last decade’s downturn! I don’t know if we will ever beat that. Hope you are enjoying your holidays as well!