43 and seek pilot training

Good evening I have Tattoos on my hands and neck and I am 43, will these hinder me from getting a commercial pilot job?

Do you mean a job as an airline pilot or just getting a commercial pilot gig? There is a difference.

Hey jerry! Generally speaking. If it’s the airlines, then it needs to be covered somehow. I’m sure most jobs would require you to cover it up. However, there might be some exceptions depending on where you work. I’m sure others will chime in. All the best!



As Sergey said, ALL airlines prohibit “visible tattoos” so if you wanted to fly for one yes you’d have a problem. As far as other flying jobs go that would be up to the individual employer and their policies.



An airline will not allow the tattoos you describe and while corporate flight departments might not have a policy per se against them, I think you will have an almost impossible time finding a flying job.


Since the guy never chimed in on what exactly he meant by “commercial pilot job”, there are lots of cool flying jobs where this may not be a factor, but they will be on the lower pay spectrum. Flying skydivers you will fit right in with the crowd. Pipeline patrols, aerial surveying, remote area cargo/charter flying, or some island hopping gigs may not care as much about your tattoos. Flying Part 121/135 or even Part 91 for a private owner is a non-starter.