About the Hannah category

Hey guys! Glad your here. This category is a space for me to share a little more personal side of my life as an airline pilot. I’ll share interesting experiences encountered on the line, unique overnights and as many other fun details that make this job more than just “a job”.

Most of this forum is Q&A driven… you guys ask us questions and we give you our best insight! Well not here! These threads are a more personal look in to the lives of the mentors and I doing this job we love… so if you’re interested in seeing a more behind the scenes look at the life of an airline pilot, the career you’re thinking about pursuing, follow us here! There’s no better way to see if this career is for you than imagining your self in our shoes as we share day to day stories from what we encounter out on the line. Feel free to still interact with our posts! As questions, share your unique experiences if you can relate, etc. Hope you enjoy!

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