Restricted - Atp

Hello, im aware there have been other post’s about this but im still a little confused… I am almost done with my associates degree and plan on going to ATP when im done, then i will complete my bachelors degree online. When I finish ATP and get to 1500 hours I will be over 21 years old but, under 23 years old. My degree will be in criminal justice (NOT AVIATION), so my question is will I have to wait until im 23 to get hired by a regional, or can i get hired when im 22 but only fly as an FO.

If you meet all of the ATP requirements at the 1500 hour rule, you can get a Restricted ATP (R-ATP) at age 21 and fly for the regionals. You will not be able to upgrade and fly as a CA until the restriction is lifted when you turn 23.

Thank you. So just to confirm after graduating from ATP I can fly at 21, just not as a captain?

Once you graduate and meet the 1500 hour requirements, yes.

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