Announcement - Introducing Our New Mentor, Tory

Many of you have probably noticed a new mentor popping up on the board in the last few days. I am pleased to announce that Tory, from Horizon Airlines has joined the forum. Tory was instructing for ATP just a few months ago and is now a freshly minted Embraer 175 First Officer. Please join me in welcoming Tory and don’t forget to read his biography at:


Welcome Tory!

Welcome Tory and congrats!

Maybe you can help me speak millennial? :slight_smile:


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Ha! Sure thing. You’re emoji game is pretty strong I’ll give ya that!

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I’ve mastered the smiley face and that took me 10 years! Maybe you can explain those fidget spinners?

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I draw the line at fidget spinners! Get those things away from me haha