Applying with criminal history

Hello everyone.
I was wondering if it would be a waste of time on my part to apply for a regional airline while having a record. Granted, my record is that I am currently on a 5 year deferred adjudication and everything I have read says that at the end of it, it is not considered a conviction. I also read that with this deferred adjudication, I am still able to enter Canada. So my question is should I even try or do I still have a good chance of getting in with a regional since it wont necessarily be a conviction. I recently started my PPL course so I have plenty of time to decide but I want to be well prepared for anything.


It really depends on the crime and whatelse you have on your record. If it’s alcohol or drug related you’ll first have to obtain a First Class Medical. Beyond that I’d contact some Regional recruiters and get their take.


What is the best way to contact a recruiter if I have not yet started training?

I am with Adam in this one. Your best bet is to contact the recruiting departments of several regional airlines and ask.

One thing worth noting though is that the airlines and the FAA ask “have you ever…”. Deferred adjudication or not, they will know that you danced in the criminal justice system.

Look on various airlines websites for their recruitment departments.