ATP class

Greetings ATP I wanted to know how hard is the process of completing my classes at ATP to get my license from the FAA to transfer to envoy air and become a caption for American airlines
what can I expect from my classes going to ATP flight school?

I as well am curious about this! I have the same plan as you. I would love to fly for American and want to know how hard it is to get hired onto a specific airline and if you get that choice.


ATP is a very accelerated program. One rating that takes most people a year, you get done in 2 months at ATP. In total, 7 checkrides in 7 months. It’s incredibly challenging but it is doable. It will take the dedication it takes to get a college degree but in a fraction of the time.

To get started, you need to complete an intro flight, secure financing and a first class medical.

If you have success in the program, few checkride failures, no accidents, incidents or legal issues you shouldn’t have a problem getting in to the Envoy cadet program. Here is a link to check out details of the Envoy to American program: