Aviate Program

Hello , I’m New here

I have question about aviate program I got offer from Ameriflight I accept the offer but they said you have to apply for aviate program if I applied do I have to do interview again for aviate program? because I already did interview for Ameriflight as Part 135 operator partners.

Thank you!


Aviate is a program created by United. If Ameriflight is telling you that you need to apply to the Aviate program (if that’s what you want) then I would believe them.



Ameriflight is not the same as United. I would think that United would want to interview somebody before agreeing to hire them on.


Ameriflight is a partner organization with the aviate program. Now that you work for them you are eligible to apply for the program. Are you trying to get in to the program and eventually fly for United? If so, yes that requires an additional application and interview. If you simply want to fly for Ameriflight, you don’t have to pursue aviate.