Becoming an airline Pilot

So I just recently started looking into becoming a pilot. A little background on me: I am 19, I only went to school for about 6 months before I decided I didn’t like what I was majoring in. After that I decided to work with an airline and have been a cross-functional agent for about 15 months now. I’m not really sure where to get started. I’m looking into doing a discovery flight to decide if I’ll like flying or not and after that I’m not sure what to do. I have been looking into a couple schools, but I’ve heard of multiple routes to go and I’m just wondering what the best route is.

Hi Sarah and welcome,

Taking a Discovery or an Intro flight is a fantastic idea! Honestly I’m always amazed how many people say they’re ready to devote their time, money and future to flying without ever having actually tried it. Needless to say sitting up front at the controls of small training aircraft is very different than sitting in the back of a jet going on vacation so kudos.

There are actually a number of routes but full disclosure, this is ATPs forum and all the mentors are former students who are now successful airline pilots. We’re not salesmen, but we are all somewhat biased. With that in mind I recommend you spend some time browsing this forum, particularly the FAQ section and also the ATP website: Pilot Career Guide / ATP Flight School
There’s tons of great info there. After that please feel free to ask me specific questions.


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Welcome, we’re happy that you’re here. You absolutely should take an intro flight. I too became interested in becoming a pilot mostly for the lifestyle but never once thought I was actually interested in flying.

After the first intro flight I was intrigued but still not sold on it. I liked it but wasn’t sure I could do it or that I’d love it enough to devote a whole career to it. So I kept flying. After about my third flight I was sold. Sometimes you don’t know your passion until you explore it. Now I love flying and can’t imagine my life without it.

Relax, have fun and don’t put too much pressure on it.


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