Best ATP Locations?

I currently live in Michigan and plan on applying to ATP when I finish my PPL with my current instructor. Since Michigan has no ATP location I will have to go out of state. Any recommendations as far as locations to look into?


Think of where you would want to be for the next 2 years (or atleast next 9 months). Think about the weather, the seasons and so on. Oregon is a completely different flying world compared to Phoenix, compared to Florida compared to the Mid Atlantic.

As far as the Training Center itself they should all be standard across the board along as ATP trains all instructors and holds them to the same standard. This will also hold true with your program outline.

That makes sense. I didn’t really consider personal interest as far as were I want to live. As far as weather I am sure that means that all of the warmer climate schools will have more flight time opportunity. I was wondering about size of programs as well. Which locations have the biggest staff, and amount of resources.But im sure that information is available under each locations page. I’m sure that ATP keeps their locations in line to set a standard, however as with any company im sure that some locations are more popular than others to some degree.


ATP works very hard to maintain consistency and standardization throughout it’s training network. If there was one “best location” don’t you think everyone would want to train there? While some are larger and others smaller based on the demand in certain areas the amount of resources per pilot (aircraft, instructors, sims) is kept consistent. Choose a location based on your needs (convenience, weather, desire to live in a certain area, family nearby, etc).

The “best” location is the location that works best for you.


Alright good to hear! Makes my decision a little safer with choosing a location.


By the very definition of being an airline pilot. you will be away from home and family for long periods of time. Better get used to it now.