Cadet Program Question

Hi Brady,
ATP sent me a compass test to take early last week which they said they would send to F9 by the end of the week, and then a recruiter reached out to me who said I had been approved and to be looking for an email to schedule my next interview with their captain/hr. I’m guessing that will come this week sometime. Fingers crossed. I leave for my birthday trip Thursday to Morocco so it would be awesome to have both of those things happen this week. As always, I appreciate the support of all the mentors in this forum.


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Just wanted to give an update - I got the news that I got into the cadet program at Frontier! I was in shock when I got the call because I couldn’t believe it was real! I’m so happy and am thankful for the support from everyone I have encountered at ATP. I haven’t updated much here because I started my ATP program and that is taking all of my time. Good luck to everyone, study hard and fly safe!


That is awesome news, Congrats!! How far into the ATP program are you?

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Congratulations!!! This is a huge deal! You’re just starting your flying career and you already have an airline job and flying the Airbus to look forward to. Help that keep you focused and motivated throughout the program. :slight_smile:

No pressure to provide updates as I know you’re busy, but hope all is going well so far!


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I am about 3 weeks in. Thanks!

Thank you so much!


Congrats on the acceptance to the Cadet Program at Frontier (F9)! I have many friends now at Frontier that are enjoying their time there. Looking forward to program updates when you get the chance. :slight_smile:


Great job! Congratulations

What did you do/use to prepare for that final interview? I have mine scheduled in a couple weeks.


Great work, congratulations!!!

Than you for the update.


There’s a Reddit forum with some good info posted.

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Reddit. :sweat_smile:


Im looking to become a pilot, where can i start? Ive always had a love for planes and flying


I recommend you spend some time browsing this forum and visit the ATP website. There’s tons of great info on getting started. After that please feel free to ask more specific questions.