College or flight school?

What should I do after my high school graduation?

Hi, I’m a last year of high school and I’m not sure what to do because I want to be a pilot, but few people are telling me the I need to go to college to become airline pilot, but other people are telling me the I need to go to a flight school after I finish high school.
I’m not sure what to do HELP!


You need to continue your education. There’s plenty of time for flight school and if you want to be an airline pilots you’re going to need a degree. Doesn’t matter what you major in and it’s also always good to have a back up. Take a look at our FAQ section for answers to many more common questions.


Dear, Adam

I will continue with my education, but that’s mean the I need to go to college and after college go to a flight school?



There are many approaches you can take but yes that would be my recommendation. There’s a reason the airlines and the military train their pilots daily. It’s simply the best way to learn. Get your degree and then when you’re ready dive into flight training full time.


I am not sure the area you live in but research into an Aviation college. I won’t push my opinion on you as there are pros and cons to ATP, private flight school, 4 year aviation college and the military route. I myself will be attending Middle Georgia State University a 4 year college that has a flight track. I will be graduating with a 4 year degree (needed for majors) and all the requirements to start as a CFI to build time.
Good luck with your endevaours :slight_smile: