Company Policy Question

So we all know how airlines feel about pilots with tattoos and/or piercings and what their policies are regarding them. My question is: what about body modifications?

My reasons for wanting to don’t matter, but I’ve been considering having my tongue split. I’m sure there is nothing specifically outlined in any airlines corporate policy regarding this so I was looking to get some insight. What I’d like opinions on is if this would keep me from flying for an airline. The way I see it, it should be no different than have a tattoo in that it can be concealed (it’s really not noticeable unless someone’s looking for it). And I know that even if it’s technically permitted, it could prevent me from being hired if the wrong interviewer noticed it.

Anyways: thoughts?

I think that it is a very safe bet that if you get your tongue split, you will never be hired by any airline, regardless of corporate policy.

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I figured. Follow up question: what if I already worked for an airline before getting it done?

Then you would be fired.

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Even if it wasn’t against any policy? Also, thanks for even entertaining this relatively stupid question. I was pretty sure what the answer would be but just wanted to get the opinion of someone actually in the industry.

Also, happy birthday? There’s a cake next to your name, not entirely sure what that means.

The cake means its his anniversary to the forum, Chris joined the forum 4 years ago to date.


Your call and your body BUT I for one would not jeopardize my entire future hoping that during an interview that someone doesn’t notice.

I’ve been on hiring panels and trust me, we notice everything. Back before the “Great Shortage” we rejected a pilot for a wrinkled shirt… ahhhhhh but that was a more simpler time (sigh).


Can you elaborate? Wrinkled like when I got up this morning I took it out of the cleaners wrapper but I’ve been sitting down for a while waiting to be called in to the interview room or wrinkled like I got this from the bottom of the hamper, sniffed it and it didn’t smell too bad so I threw it on wrinkled?

How about a male having his ears pierced? Like small studs? Does that affect you at all?


Wrinkled enough that it stood out from the other 50 applicants we saw that day and made us question whether it had ever been ironed.



Since men wearing earrings is prohibited by every airline I’m aware of yes that would be bad. Same as showing up with a beard if the airline you’re applying to prohibits them.

You see when you interview the airline fully expects you to have some knowledge and insight into their culture and policies.