Deferred 1st Class

Hello All!

I’m not sure if I’m “allowed” to post here, as I am not currently enrolled with ATP. If I shouldn’t be posting, hopefully a mod will yank this post.

I am currently getting my preverbal ducks in a row to begin flight training with a goal of going pro.

I’ve interviewed several flight schools and decided to take the leap with ATP for the accelerated process due to my age. I’ve already been approved for financing, so that is taken care of.
I intend to purchase the Sportys ground school for PPL, Commercial and Instrument, as recommended on the ATP website.

Pretty much all I’m waiting on is the medical. It was deferred on 5/18/22. I received the request for information from the FAA on 7/14/22, and had the documents in their mailroom on 7/15/22.

Here’s the situation:

9 years ago (10 years in Feb 2023) I was arrested for DUI. The court process followed resulting in a conviction. The details don’t really matter other than to say I thank the Lord I did not injure anyone, or worse.
This mistake was my own, one which I reflect back on often. Since then I’ve not had any further legal concerns, and I stopped drinking after that night way back then and take. Other steps to ensure I don’t find myself in such a situation again.

I know no one here can give me info on the medical. Issuance is up to the FAA. They have a mission to keep the skies safe. I get that.
I’m hoping someone might shed light on me regarding airline (regional or major) employment. Assuming all other portions of an employment application are good, would a DUI on record be an automatic rejection by the airlines? Like, the computer sees the answer to the question and trashes it before it gets to someone’s desk?
Also, does anyone know if this history would preclude me from enrollment at ATP? I did not see anything listed on the prerequisites, but it might come up when I actually call to enroll, assuming my medical is given approval. I would not be surprised if ATP also had restrictions in place like the FAA does.

I appreciate your time!


First and foremost, all are welcome regardless of status, even those training elsewhere. While this is ATPs forum, it was created by them simply as a tool for all aspiring pilots (they’re really good guys).

To answer your question while there are of course no guarantees, a DUI is not an automatic pass by the airlines (although it was not that long ago) nor with ATP. Provided you get your medical and you have in fact been squeaky clean for the last 9yrs (and remain so), you should be fine. You will most definitely be asked and you sound as if you accept responsibility for your actions which is big. I honestly wouldn’t let that deter me from moving forward.

With that in mind I’d save my money on the Sporty’s Ground School. ATP will provide you with all the training materials you need. The only thing we do recommend (if you’re able) is completing as many of the required FAA Knowledge tests you can prior to start. It’s definitely not a requirement but it will definitely lighten the load. I would however wait till you have your medical in hand until you start the exams. They do expire should the process get dragged out.



This forum is open to absolutely anybody, we are happy to have you on here, regardless of which path you end up taking.

To begin with, it is refreshing to see somebody that made a mistake, takes responsibility for it, learned from it, and has kept themselves on the straight and narrow going forward. I suspect that if you keep that attitude going forward, you will be fine with both the FAA and the airlines.


Hi Adam,

Thank you for your thoughts on my situation. I know every situation is different with different outcomes, that makes it hard for me since I’m a data driven person.
Ok, I get it on the ground school. I guess the website is referring to completing your writtens in between the time you enroll and the time you actually start training, using the resources they give you. That makes more sense!


Let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. That’s what we’re here for.


Thanks, Hannah. I’m in a holding pattern (pardon the pun) right now, until the medical comes in. I’m hoping to hear something by the end of this month, if OKC’s timeline for response to paperwork is the same as their timeline for requesting paperwork.
Did you happen to do one of the partnerships with a regional while at ATP?


I did, I pursued three different cadet programs: republic, envoy and SkyWest. I went with SkyWest and commuted to tuition reimbursement at about 300 hrs. I was mentored along the way and had a preferential interview. I highly recommend exploring pathway programs.