Did terrible in college can I still become a pilot?

I went to college for about 3 years did well my first and average my 2nd year but my 3 year killed me. Basically my last term terms both had a GPA below 1.0… I know that the regionals are just hiring everyone w the right amount of hours and don’t really consider the academics. However I want eventually move to the majors. Would my crippling GPA hold me back from going to the majors? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks fellas

Your GPA will not be a factor at the regionals, at least not in the current state of hiring. Did you finish your bachelor’s degree?

I did not finish my bachelors but Once I’m thru the 9month program, I’m going to finish my degree online. Do the airlines care about what degree you get and where at? Or do they just want to see that you have a degree?

Pick any degree you’d like. The competitiveness at the major airline level is so high that the major airlines have to create ways to filter the applicants. All they want to see is that you have a degree. The more desirable airlines go a step further and look at your GPA.


Thanks for the advice troy!

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When I interviewed at Continental, they wanted a GPA of at least 3.0. You could always retake the classes you did poorly on to raise your GPA, or see if you can just not transfer those credits in. In fact, whatever school you transfer to might not let you bring credits for those classes that you did poorly in.