Does the regional airline I pick matter for delta?

I’ve been thinking about joining delta as a pilot, but I’m wandering what I should consider when joining a regional airline. I know endeavor is probably the best option but I do not live near one so I was wandering if any regional airline would work? Is there anything I should look for in a regional airline that delta would like?


First I’m sure Delta will be thrilled to know you’re thinking about joining them :wink:

With that in mind Delta is a top tier Major and they hire well trained experienced pilots. While they dropped their degree “requirement”, they still prefer one and those with degrees will always be hired first. Further you’re mistaken when you say Endeavor is the best option. Just because a Regional is partnered with a Major it doesn’t mean their pilots get hired first. In fact in most cases the Major assumes they already have those pilots in their pipeline and those at other Regionals are a bonus and won’t negatively impact their Regional partner.

Long/short, choose the Regional that works best for you. Work hard, build your time, be a good employee and maybe some extra curricular work (union or flight ops) and you’ll be good to go with whichever Major you’re thinking of joining.



Adam, thank you for your reply as this did clear up alot to me, as had thought endeavor was the only option so knowing this helps me alot.


I am with Adam on this one. Build your flight time and experience, then apply. It really does not matter which airline you gain your experience at.

Do know that a job at Delta is one of the most desired pilot positions in the world. You don’t just “join” Delta. You will go through a lengthy application and interview phase, if they call at all. The best thing you can do to make this happen is to be as qualified as possible.



If you want the most secure way to make it delta, sure go to Endeavor with their flow program you should make it there eventually. However, often times you can get hired sooner coming from a different regional but you are at risk of not getting pulled for an interview.

Right now, focus on flight training. Once you start to think about cadet programs, find the one that works best for you. It may be the airplane you fly, the base you want or the pay scale you want. My point is, no specific regional will necessarily impact your ability to get to delta in the long run.