For those of you who STILL doubt the demand! This is CRAZY!


I have to tell you, I have never even heard of anything like giving out Bose headsets before. While I would focus on the quality of the airline and not a free headset, it is still indicative of a major pilot shortage.


How about the $50K Sign-On Bonus?!?


Desperate times call for desperate measures.


There has to be some fine print…plus they are giving you a choice of airframe, which is probably linked to a location. I guess you still have to be current, qualified, and pass the interview within 45 days.

I was talking to a guy that is a FO for Piedmont Airlines and he was telling me that any flight other than your schedule flights is 300% pay right now. They don’t even have a reserve at the moment. Straight to line when you graduate IOE. Upgrade to Captain as soon as you reach airline minimums. They need bodies now and he said they were doubling in size.

yup, wish I could go to school and work in the States. Unfortunately, im not a citizen…

Most will only see $22,500 earned after IOE, which is about average through many regional airlines. The rest is not guaranteed. Call me the Grinch but, Santa giving you a new headset is hardly a determining factor contributing to your QOL.


Not sure where you’re getting your $22.5 figure as first year is $37k at most properties. While yes “training pay” may be lower the signing bonuses will often compensate. Considerable better than when I started and not bad for an entry level position that eventually can bring salaries to $350K. That said, don’t think it’s worth it? Don’t do it.

As for the headset that post is over a year old and I simply thought it was funny. Guess we have a different sense of humor?


Bonus my friend, not “first year”.


Ok so we don’t count bonuses but we do count pay during training?

As I said, don’t like it don’t take it… my friend :slight_smile:


Your are correct, don’t like it, don’t take it. That is the beauty of working in the USA.

Bonuses are counted on top of yearly pay. Mesa airlines stipulates how the bonus is broken up. The $22.5k IOE completion bonus + $2500 for existing type rating + $20k third year retention bonus if not upgraded to CA, can be added to the $37k you mentioned. Not everyone will be a third year FO and not all will have a CL-65 type rating before starting. If you start from a previous CFI position and follow the average upgrade times of less than 36 months at Mesa airlines, the $22,500(plus the $37k) would be more realistic earned for first year(not including per diem). Bonuses can be changed or eliminated completely in the future. Nothing is guaranteed. Market-wise and industry-wise or personal reasons, there are always factors that could impede what would come to fruition.


Agreed, there are no guarantees in any of this. That’s life. If you can/are doing better have at it and good luck.

Again I started with FAR fewer guarantees and far less salary. Best decision I ever made (chance I ever took) and have not regretted it once. This is America and the choice is yours.