Housing for Instructors

Is there housing available for instructors at all ATP locations or just some of them?

At the locations that offer housing, space permitting, they will offer housing to the instructors as well.


Here is a list of the locations that offer housing.


Any preference giving to Instructors over Students for housing needs? Seems like the instructors have to be more flexible than the students.

Housing is a convenience ATP offers to instructors and students equally, with limited availability, and on a first come first serve basis.


Thanks for the response.

Anybody ever use Airbnb to find a place to stay during their training/instructing?


Do you mean any preference given to the people who are getting paid vs those who are paying out a whole lot of money and receiving no income while spending every waking hour trying to get through training? In fact as Danielle said it’s first come first serve but I’m thinking the students need it more.



Some locations offer subsidized housing for instructors and it varies based on operational need.