How covid 19 is affecting class instruction?

I am hoping to enroll in ATP based in Sacramento CA some time this year. CA is one of the states that are in full lockdown. And all schools and universities are closed indefinitely. So my question is does this apply to ATP because I cannot find any information about it?

Also I would like to try to get ahead and is starting with 0 experience so what are some things that I can buy to get a head start such as books and other supplies that may be helpful.
Thank you and stay safe!

Hi Alice,

I just started at ATP this past Monday (also from 0) and my state entered into a lockdown yesterday 3/20. Although the majority of businesses, schools and universities had already closed prior to that, we were operating business as usual. Since yesterday’s announcement it was determined that my location would shut down until the lockdown is lifted, tentative 4/7. This may be the same in your state, but it may also differ, regardless this may not even be a factor when you begin training. Even if it were a factor (as it is with me) I would encourage you to proceed with your training, if you are certain that being a pilot is what you want to do.

Although I don’t have a crystal ball I have a pretty good feeling that people are not going to be sheltered forever, and that they will again want to travel this beautiful earth - air travel will be the way that they do so.

In regards to preparation, ATP will send you a training package which includes everything you need to get ahead once you place your deposit. This includes an online ground school (King Schools) to help you prepare for your written test. Additional things that I did prior to receiving the package were reviewing the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge on the FAA website and I also watched and favorited a lot of videos on YouTube to familiarize myself with things like Airspace, Traffic Patterns, the Compass headings/degrees.

I wish you the best and would recommend that you always follow your dreams. Good luck!


ATP, like virtually every one in the World right now doing their best to navigate this very dynamic situation that seems to change almost daily. As of now the school is still running (in most locations) as aviation is considered “essential”. That could of course change tomorrow. If you were looking to start April 1 I’d say give them a call but as you’re not it’s probably best to wait until you have a better idea of a start date and then contact ATP for an update.

As for preparing we ALWAYS recommend students complete as many of the FAA Knowledge Exams as possible prior to attending (there’s 6). All the study material will be provided to you once you secure a start date with your deposit.


Thanks for the replies. Since some schools are still open are they practicing social distancing? And just to make sure that training is typically 9 - 5 and M - F?

Tough to practice social distancing when you’re next to your instructor in the plane :man_shrugging:t2: ATP training centers are open 7 days a week and training goes on from before day break and into the night (depending on the requirements of the rating you are working on). It depends on your instructor schedule/availability and what you are working on.


M-F it is in most cases but it is most definitely not 9-5. The biggest variable when it come to flight training is the weather. The reason ATP trains full time is to ensure constancy as each skill builds on the last. If the weather is forecast to be good early and crap out you may need to start your day at 6 or 7 am or visa versa much later in the day. There are also long days where you’ll have ground instruction, sim and flight training which could mean a considerably longer day. There are night flying requirements, crewing where you’ll be gone for 2 weeks and CFI school where you’ll be sent to another location for another 2 weeks. This is not college or an office job, it’s immersive accelerated training that is designed to prepare you for the rigors of actual airline training.


ATP is still operating normally with a couple of exceptions: CFI academy and new CFI indoc are both suspended until the end of May.