I have a start date. Now What?

Hello all,

I am a new student, and I have a start date of May 13, 2024 (a few months away), at the OWD Location.

I just received my welcome package with all my books. I am starting from Zero Time. I have done nothing to this point other than book a start date.

I want to get started on my written exams and basically review/do as much as I possibly can so that I can get ahead before I start.

Where exactly should I start? Is there a breakdown of what I can do before starting so that I can be as prepared as possible? When I study for my written exams should I only use Sporty’s and Shepard, or do I have to look at any of my books?

I am just looking for where I should start and the best route I should take to be as prepared as possible.



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Adam posted the exact link you can reference. ATP also lays everything out for you in your Student Extranet on what to expect and prepare for Day 1.

It is NOW a requirement to have completed your PAR 28 days prior to your start date, so you will want to knock that out of the park. How you study, that’s on you. As of right now, we have recommendations from fellow students using both the ASA Study App and Sporty’s Study Buddy App (now located within their Sporty’s main app - I presume). You will also have ATP Elevate to complete prior to starting as well, 28 days prior.

If you complete the Day 1 requirements in a timely manner, then utilize Sheppard Air to study for the other written exams.


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