Is it possible to work a full time job while going through ATP?

I’m currently a store manager at Starbucks. I have a wife and a 2 year old son. I want to go through ATP, but I am concerned that I may not be able to work while going to school. I already obtained my B.A. and that was challenging enough. I am aware that I may need to go on a leave of absence from work at some point during school, but overall, is this possible?


Not only is it not possible to work full-time job during the program, you can’t even work a part-time job! Many people are attracted to ATPs Airline Career Program due to the short timeline, but that timeline comes at a price. ATP takes what usually takes years and compresses it into months. The program is HIGHLY accelerated and requires a 100% commitment. Even many who do find it extremely challenging. The program makes college seem like kindergarten.

Now the thing is this is America and no one can stop you from working but the program requires you to be available 7 days a week and all day (to account for weather and other variables). Should you fall behind or not be available for training and you will be booted. No “but I thought”, no let me try again. Bust a few too many checkrides and you could seriously jeopardize your chances of a successful career.


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If you go to ATP, you will need to commit to training full time. If your goal is to get to the airlines, you will need to work full time as an instructor to build hours. You will have to leave Starbucks altogether, not just take a leave of absence.


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You’re not the only one struggling to make it work. Every student in the building had to make a similar tough decision quitting jobs and taking out a huge loan betting on their future success.

If you’re concerned about supporting your family through the program, talk to the loan department. There is an option to add up to $2000 a month to help supplement life expenses while you go through training.




These types of questions always raise an eyebrow as to: Why would you want to risk thousands (hundred thousands) of dollars potentially failing or having a strike on your record/certificate. The simple answer to your question is, no. ATP is an accelerated program and compressed from what you’d receive at a smaller-scale flight school or university driven program, like Embry-Riddle or UND.

As Hannah mentioned, you can factor up to $2,000 per month onto of your loan, which does raise the total value; however, some individuals need it. I know I took an additional amount to offset my living expenses, which helped me attend ATP and protect an emergency fund that I set aside for emergency purposes only.


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This helps. Thank you, Adam!

I hadn’t thought about this before! Thank you for the tips Hannah.