Relocating to a new state for training


First of all, thank you all for the time you put into the questions and answers on this forum. I am beginning my ATP airline pilot career training next month, and the information I’ve gathered from this forum has been invaluable!

I don’t think I’ve seen this question asked, so I figured I would as others for their experience:

If you temporarily relocate to a new state for your ATP training, what do you do about your permanent address? Do you still update it to your 6-9 month temporary address? Do you bother getting a drivers license in the new state?

I know google is a great resource, but the temporary relocation (followed by potential frequent relocations as a CFI and/or Regional pilot) seems to be a fairly unique scenario and I’m hoping to hear what others have done.

Thanks, and I can’t WAIT to get started!


As you said it’s a temporary relocation and should be treated as such. Hopefully you have someone at home who can forward anything important. The good thing is almost all bills etc can be taken care of online and it’s generally not a problem.


Thanks for the quick reply, Adam. I should’ve mentioned: I currently live in an apartment so it’ll be re-rented. Does that mean I’ll end up needing to change my permanent address to the new state for my 6-months of training?



Again you’re location for training is temporary. Perhaps you can have your mail forwarded to a family member or set up a PO Box. Otherwise you’ll just have to do it again in 6 mos.


I had my mail sent to a family member while I was in the program, it worked out well.