Jumpseat, flight 2059

With the news out, will this type of behavior effect future jump seaters down the road? I can’t even imagine what is going through his mind, after all it takes to get to the point of being an airline pilot, the training, etc

A) Most definitely

B) for those wondering why the FAA is so tough on depression, anxiety, etc…




I suspect there will be some knee jerk response to this from the TSA, the same people that brought us the genius-level three ounce liquid rule. We will probably find out sooner rather than later.



Oh, great, now what did I miss?

Check the news. A awful pilot to say the least.


Most recent reports are saying depression and use of psychedelics - although he reported using mushrooms 48 hours before the flight, but my cop brain tells me that effects from psilocybin usually only lasts 6-8 hours so I’m curious if he’s making that up. Makes ya wonder I suppose :man_shrugging:

Amazing…and I’m waiting on a special issuance because of some dry skin!

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It really is sad and concerning that a pilot that has been flying since 2001 and been with Alaska Airlines for the last ten years just suddenly did something like this. Reading the FBI report that has been made public, it sounds like he had been experiencing severe depression the last 6 months. I hope this opens up a discussion about mental health services available to pilots without fear of losing their medical.



This type of incident puts the FAA in a tough situation. I’m sure most people, including the FAA, are very much in favor of providing pilots with proper mental health care and having more emphasis in this area. However, easing the difficulty for someone with prior mental health issues to obtain/keep their medical, and then providing care after receiving their medical, opens concerns if an incident occurs down the road. Sadly, I can see the media blaming an incident on a pilots past mental health history, even if the FAA provided the necessary care to help them. It’s a sad truth and I hope we can find a solution that works for both.


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Ok let’s understand something here, there are approximately 100,000 flights a day and close to 50 million a year. This was one VERY isolated incident which while having the potential for great harm, resulted in none.

There’s nothing the FAA or the airlines need to do. People go crazy everyday, unfortunately when it happens on a plane it makes the news. Regardless everyone needs to calm down and get back to why can’t I have a ponytail or face tattoo, am I too old and do I really REALLY need a degree…



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Bose Headset and Pennsylvanian pizza, I said it, PA pizza, the sweet sauce…okay I’ll take my timeout from Adam and Chris.


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Thinking some other pilot been eating shrooms! :rofl:



Both of you clearly need to go experience Chicago and what makes their pizza far superior to all others.

Although I do believe we have a corporate policy at ATP that NY pizza is “better”.


Because those at the top are wise.

As for Chicago it’s a completely different animal. Like comparing a McIntosh to a Pomegranate (aka Chinese apple). They’re both called apples but c’mon.



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Interesting that Honeycrisp was ranked #3, it is by far my favorite.


Apples… out of everything. Granny Smith’s are ranked “average,” that’s cruel. They are the best for pastries.

Makes you wonder what a SweeTango apple tastes like! I myself prefer a true Pink Lady as opposed to the Cripps Pink that is often sold in its place.

As for the Granny Smith, I heard an interview with the guy that made this list, and I think he had some worth while points on why it’s ranked so low. He also said you had to be really careful about how you choose to talk about it, because people will come after you! :joy:

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