ATP housing vs a regular apartment

Hi, I’ve been looking into ATP, and I am very interested in enrolling at CXO Houston or the 100+ multi program at GKY Dallas. I am from Louisiana, so i would have to find housing out there. I wanted to know what the housing offered by ATP is like and what I could expect living there. How many students to an apartment? Are they decent sized? Does the price include everything (electricity, water, internet, cable)? Also do you find the price worth it? I’ve found other apartments similar distances from either airport that have flexible leases and are more affordable. What would be the best option?



You can check out some info on ATP housing here:

Most ATP apartments are two bedroom units, you will share a room and bathroom with another student. The apartments are furnished, all utilities and wifi are included and there is no need to sign a lease.


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Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I’m having similar questions as I start my research into ATP. The housing page lists $400/week for a room. That seems way above what you’d find in most of the country. As a late joiner (I’m 30) with a wife, that doesn’t seem like my kind of thing. Do most students go the ATP housing route?


That’s really a matter of personal preference. Some do,
some don’t. First know that the housing is only for ATP students so your wife would not be able to live there. If that’s not an issue is totally your call. The rates are reasonable but if you can find cheaper great.

What’s nice about the housing is you know it’s a reasonable distance from the airport, it’s clean, fully furnished, everything works and there’s no lease. No need to look around, it’s easy and you’re done. There’s also something to be said from living in an apt with other students at various stages in the program to study with, learn from and mentor. All of which will make you a better pilot.

Again it’s your choice.



ATP’s housing is offered for convenience sake, does not have a lease agreement, does include utilities, etc. There are less expensive options on the open market, many people go that route. It just depends on what you are looking for.


Most students that are local don’t use the housing option as they can live at home and have a short commute. We recommend no longer than 20-30mins. The housing is mostly utilized for the students that have too long of a commute or move to a new state for ATP. The fact that it’s flexible, includes all utilities and provides housing with other students to study with, the price becomes worth it.