Married life and ATP

So I’m looking around for flight schools. I’ve been looking for a while. But the biggest part I’m having trouble with is if I choose ATP I’ll be away from my wife for however long it takes to get everything and hopefully getting a job at Republic Airlines out of CMH. My wife is very worried about being away from me for that long, shes moving to Ohio. Are there any holiday breaks? I know this is a broad view but where so CFIs normally go? I’m in Raleigh at the moment. Thats where I would train. How likely would I stay in Raleigh for cfi?
Also how much would a CFI housing cost?


There are breaks for holidays and you will have weekends off. That said the bulk of your time off will be used for study. CFI’s are given a choice of 3 available locations to instruct at. Honestly you might luck out and be close to home but there are no guarantees. You have as good a chance of getting Raleigh as anyone else or any place else? If none of the choices fit your needs you can of course try and find work locally. ATP Instructor housing is $350mo.

I’m sure that’s not what you want to hear but better you know upfront. Also understand even if you get hired at Republic and they have a CMH base there’s no guarantee you’ll get there (at least not initially). This is the reason many pilots commute. That’s also one of the reasons ATP created this forum. It’s important you know what you’re getting yourself into. While the rewards can be great it often requires some sacrifice at the beginning.


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Just to clarify, the program is designed to provide weekends off (in a
perfect world). It’s not a guarantee. Sometimes the weekends will need to
be used to get a student caught up due to weather or other delays.

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