Medical certificates!

Is it possible to get your medical certificate before enrolling into a flight school (I don’t have any flying experience)? I want to get my 1st, 2nd and 3rd class medical certificate done because I want to be sure that are aren’t any medical conditions that disqualify me from becoming a pilot before, investing time and money.
I have a vision of 20/15 (with glass) and my height is 5.3 feet.
Thank you


Yes. Not only is it possible, it’s highly recommended (and required if you plan on enrolling at ATP). Now as far as the class, there’s no need to apply for all three. Just apply for the 1st class. If you can hold a first, you can hold the others. But the 1st is the one the airlines want. So, makes more sense to apply for that one before investing in flight training.



As Tory said you only need to get your First Class. If you can get that, it covers the privileges of the other 2.


Definitely go ahead and apply for the first class medical before starting your flight training. Follow the link I posted below to find your nearest AME and schedule an appointment. You will also need to fill out a brief application on medxpress before you arrive.