Military Friendly?


Looking into starting up at the MN location this coming Spring. I am currently a member of the National Guard and have a 2-week training period this June and a 2-week school in September. If I am pursuing the fast track with credit for my PPL will this be an issue? The program is obviously very expensive so I don’t want to put myself into a bad situation if ATP is going to make my military obligations a huge hassel.



ATP will work with you on your military commitments. ATP has a long history of working with military members, respects your service. and is well versed in how to handle this. I am sure Addison, ATP’s administrative liaison on this forum will chime in with additional details.




We will work with your guard schedule during the Fast Track Program. If you already know your schedule in advance, make sure to let your instructor know so that they can better work around it!


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I had the same question, thanks!
In addition to that, how would the long term situation look like in terms of reserve/guard obligations? What happens if a deployment comes up?


Since the program is only 7mos, long term obligations don’t really come into play and obviously if you’re deployed ATP would have to work with that.

If you’re talking about the airlines there are tons of guard pilots flying and again the airlines are very understanding of your obligations. The only negative I’ve ever witnessed is with the other pilots. There have been occasions that a pilot will use their guard position to bypass lousy first year pay or really bad reserve schedule by taking a long deployment and then come sweeping in when things are rosey. While that’s “legal” and the airline won’t mind, don’t expect the other pilots to be as cordial.

I would be remiss if I didn’t add that I’ve also seen some exemplary behavior where a guard pilot took a leave in order to create a slot and save another pilot from getting furloughed. As with many things they can be used positively or exploited.



Out of curiosity, how would they know unless you tell them? Do pilots have access to each other’s schedules?



Because pilots have eyes. They see there was a guy in their newhire class and now he’s nowhere and when bids come out they see MLA (Military Leave of Absence) next to their name as the reason they’re not bidding. Mostly however some people aren’t that bright and actually gloat about it when they return.


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