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Military Friendly?


Looking into starting up at the MN location this coming Spring. I am currently a member of the National Guard and have a 2-week training period this June and a 2-week school in September. If I am pursuing the fast track with credit for my PPL will this be an issue? The program is obviously very expensive so I don’t want to put myself into a bad situation if ATP is going to make my military obligations a huge hassel.



ATP will work with you on your military commitments. ATP has a long history of working with military members, respects your service. and is well versed in how to handle this. I am sure Addison, ATP’s administrative liaison on this forum will chime in with additional details.




We will work with your guard schedule during the Fast Track Program. If you already know your schedule in advance, make sure to let your instructor know so that they can better work around it!


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