Most Underrated Airplane You Have Flown

Hello all,

I have been putting off enrolling in ATP for a while because a friend of mine has been giving me flying lessons in his PT-17 Stearman. If you had approached me a few years ago, I would have not even considered flying in an open cockpit, but I love it. This led to another friend of mine, a retired Delta pilot, giving me a few lessons in his T-6 Texan. I never realized how much fun (and how difficult taildraggers are for newbies like me). On top of all that, I have two pilot candidate interviews with two Air National Guard units, one flies C-130s and the other flies the MQ-9 Reaper (Remotely Piloted Aircraft). Let’s just say I have been distracted and I probably will not get any of those pilot slots, but I’m not afraid of trying. I’ll decide my ATP future after those interviews.

That being said, I am sure everyone here including the students and mentors have spent their fair share in bigger and more complex aircraft. In your opinion, what is the most underrated plane you have flown in your career or a plane you think is underrated in general? I am talking about any plane from a Cessna to 777.

For example, I hear a lot of pilots say the 717 is a really fun and challenging aircraft to fly despite its reputation for being loud and older.



I’m currently on the 717 and can tell you that the only folks that may underrate it are those that haven’t flown it (or any of the DC-9 derivatives). It’s actually one of the most successful airframes in history and a blast to fly.

I suppose the most underrated airplane I’ve flown was the EMB-145. Many of the old school Major airline pilots look down their noses at the RJs but I loved it. It was my first jet and an incredibly capable airplane.

When many pilots discuss airplanes I think often their egos come into play. Personally I’ve enjoyed every airplane I’ve ever flown.


I think the 737 is underrated by many pilots. It is an incredibly capable and reliable airplane. It might be a bit outdated in the cockpit, but it gets the job done and has been doing so for a long time.