Partial time ATP admissions

I have been taking lessons here and there at centennial aviation at PDK, but I saw something about how student pilots could start at ATP now and finish up their PPL and then move into the ratings CFI etc etc… when I last inquired one requirement was I needed to have a degree OR already have my PPL to begin at ATP.

Since I only have like 7 flight hours and 12 or so ground I would basically be starting from no time… would I still qualify to attend the 9month course with ATP or is it best to go ahead and finish my PPL at centennial and THEN do the 6month with ATP?

I don’t have my degree yet. I’m currently enrolled in school now with only 25 credit hours


It’s always best to do all your flight training within the same program (ATPs) for continuity. Problem is, as you pointed out, you need either a 2yr degree or your Private. Personally I’d put the flight training on hold, focus on your degree THEN dive in full time.