Pilot From Hawaii, Advice?

Aloha, Harold here from the island of Kaua’i.

I am currently a tour pilot on island, with Commercial-Instrument Single engine only (NO CFI), and currently in the Skywest Cadet Program.
I have 400 hours TT, 130 hours of cross country, and I know ill need the multi and cross country time for ATP mins., I have the Night and Instrument ATP requirements.
Any recommendations in regard to achieving those goals?

Mahalo Nui Loa


Not sure I understand your question? If you need ME time you need to get your rating and build some. If you need X-cty time you need to fly X-cty.

This is the reason the CFI and ME certs are included in ATPs program. Because low time pilot jobs that will build you both are few and far between (particularly in HI). I fly for Hawaiian and EVERY pilot I know either instructed, joined the Guard or went to the mainland. There may be other routes but that’s for you to find.