Private pilot exam

I recently have been studying for the private pilot exam. I used sporty’s which was free, however I paid for the 9 dollar online study prep which can be used on your tablet. Well, I called to schedule a written exam to get that out of the way… they told me the faa is no longer publishing their tests online and that I need to buy their $199 private pilot software in order to get an indorsement. From what I’ve been reading on these forums is sounds like the written exams were just memorization and I was going to learn everything I needed to throughout ground school. Are they just trying to get me to buy their software for 199? A litttle confused, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I’ve never heard of anything like that but if that’s the case I’d buy the Gleim book for $20 and they’ll send you an endorsement.



Thanks for the quick response.

I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong our out of the ordinary. I’ve been using the online test prep that’s free from sportys and have been consistently scoring in the 90’s. So hopefully there are no surprises when taking the written lol.