It has been a while since I posted my update in my progress with ATP. A few months ago, I posted to this board that I began my training as a Flex Path student with ATP. As a recap, I chose this option as a result of a desire for a professional career change while maintaining my current job until completing the ATP Career Airline Program requirements. To be honest, I have found that there are not many students like me enrolled in the program as I feel that I am a late career starter. For your inference, I started this program just shy of 30 years old. To date, I am still working on my initial private pilot’s license but have been nothing more than impressed with the program. I am currently in my solo prep phase and am quickly approaching the end of this portion.

As a career professional working towards a career change into the airlines, I would like to advise anyone pursing the same to be cognizant that independent study is a foremost priority and requirement. Furthermore, I want to let anyone know who may be looking to pursue the same path that you must expect to participate on any and all days off, it is a relief yet expected. As I continue my journey, it is my hope that anyone looking to pursue their childhood dream that they do not hesitate to do so. I have forever longed to be a pilot but finally made the decision to go for it. We have one life to live, and any opportunity or desire excluded is one lost.

Moving to the future, I look forward to what my training brings and enjoy each and every flight! Do not give up your dreams nor your desires. Make sure that you never forget what you were meant to do. My check ride for private is only weeks away and onward to instrument. I look forward to everything this program has to come and the eventual career outcomes it has to offer.




Thank you for the report and update. Sounds like all is going well.

Good luck on the PPL check (but luck shouldn’t really be a factor).

Keep us posted.



Thank you for the update. I am glad you are happy with the program and pleased that you are doing well. Please continue to update us, let us know when you have your PPL :slight_smile:



Thank you for bringing a Flex Track student’s perspective to the forum, this will help a lot of future students that are coming in just like you did a few months ago.

Keep on studying hard and in no time will have a Private Pilot License in hand! Please keep us posted.


It must feel SO good knowing that soon you will possess your first pilot license. After all of those years foregoing training to pursue a different career and now here you are, only weeks away from becoming a private pilot!