Quickest Place For ATP-CTP & ATP


Does anyone know the quickest & best path to get an ATP-CTP and ATP done? I’m currently flying in Europe on an EASA ATPL with over 8000 hours. On the US side, I already have a CPL (single & multi) with instrument rating.

I see some of the regionals & cargo will hire CPL applicants without the ATP and do ATP training ‘in-house’ but to have plan B, does anyone have experience with going through one of these expedited / back-to-back programs?

I had looked at ATP Academy in Fort Lauderdale, and also heard Delta have a program (external from the airline). Ultimately I’m looking to get all the training & certification done in as little time as possible.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.



Conveniently, ATP provides an ATP-CTP course, in Dallas Ft. Worth, TX.

As for hiring, most regionals and cargo carriers will put you through the ATP-CTP if selected and offered a CJO. Have you interviewed with any U.S. carriers if you qualify for employment?