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Reserve Surprise

Reserve life has been unpredictable and an emotional roller coaster to say the least. November was very slow and I hardly got called at all. So when the new month rolled around, I started making plans in Chicago to fill my time while waiting for the phone to ring. This past week, I had plans to grab lunch with my Dad since he had a unique out of base trip out of Chicago while I happened to be there. I was looking forward to it… until the phone rang. I had an early report time and would miss my dad by just a few hours.
I got to the plane early and started getting everything prepped. That’s when the gate agent came down the jet bridge and said, “Hannah, there’s someone here to see you!” Sure enough, it was my dad! He caught an extra early commute flight up to Chicago to surprise me at my gate.

It was a pretty special moment, the first time he saw me in my uniform and on the job at a regional airline. Its definitely something I will always remember.


It was meant to be! That’s awesome, Hannah :grin:


Hey Hannah, so happy for you. Like Troy said, it was meant to be. Best surprise ever!

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Hannah, as a dad myself, I tell ya… I’m sure it was a lot more special for him than you can imagine. I can’t even fathom the pride he has in his heart for you. :pray:t2:


Thank you @forourspam! That is very kind! :slight_smile: