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I am looking to start at ATP within the close of the year hopefully, but I do have some events coming up that I would still like to be able to participate in with my family on the weekends, and was curious about the students schedule, and if holidays, or if there are classes on the weekends? I’m sorry if this question is already asked. I would be hopefully attending the Colorado Springs location, as they provide housing currently, and I live in Nebraska with my wife and 7 month old son, and would like the occasion to see them or have them come see me. I do know the time is not as long as it seems, and that there is a possiblity i might not get to see them for a while, just figured that I would ask some graduates or instructors on what they experienced! Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Hi Elijah,

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Your schedule will vary while training. We ask that you are available 5-7 days a week, around 8 hours a day, and there will be self study every night. Because of this we look to see that you are not working or going to school while training.

Typically your schedule will be Monday-Friday, but we will utilize the weekends in the case of any cancellations during the week due to weather. If you have a vacation planned, you can always request time off via your student extranet.

We give our students a few days off near and on Thanksgiving, and a little over a week off during Christmas!

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That does yes!! Thank you so much! And I was more or less yes expecting the full workload for students, and am ready for that responsibility and workload, but just needed to ask a couple of final questions for my family, you know how it goes. I do appreciate the response a lot! Hope to see you around!


Absolutely - happy to help! Looking forward to having you start with us :slightly_smiling_face:


Elijah Id like to add more training to that. While you may very well have the occasion to have weekends off, take that will a grain of salt. Let’s say you have a checkride scheduled for Mon and there’s a manuever you’re struggling with but you’ve got a wedding (bar mitzvah, birthday, etc) on Sun. You going to the wedding or you going to say sorry, I need the extra help? What’s not going to happen is the checkride isn’t getting rescheduled. Bust and that’s on you. That bust prevents you from getting an instructor gig with ATP that’s on you. Can’t find another job to build your time, etc etc etc.

The 7mos timeline comes with some sacrifice. If I were you Id clear my social calendar before I start the program.


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The major holidays you will have off, outside of that you would need to request time off. The program is an accelerated 7 months. If you’re ahead of pace and occasionally need a weekend off, it will most likely be approved if it doesn’t get in the way of any major events like evals or checkrides. However, if you’re behind pace, time off requests will not be approved. Just something to keep in mind.


Thank you very much! I figured it was as so! I think I am going to wait till after my sons first birthday, that way everything I would like to be back for is done and solid so I’m cleared up for the program! Thank you for your reply!


I think waiting until after the birthday is a good thing if that is something that you absolutely must be there for.



Everyone hit all items spot on so there isn’t much to add. The one thing I would use caution is to be careful how many “off” requests you have during training. There is a reason training is done throughout a consistent schedule. Everything builds upon the foundation set in previous training phases so taking days off in the middle of training can hurt your progress. Regression is a real thing; I’ve seen it a few times in students and did a lot of retraining to get them back to standards and pace.

I think waiting for after the birthday is a good idea as well, that is something big for you and your family, that you want to attend and be there.