Seeking a mentor

Greetings everyone, I’m seeking a mentor, someone willing to make themselves avaliable to me as I begin my journey to becoming a working commercial pilot. Anyone who’s avaliable and has a generous spirit to pass on their knowledge and experience to a worthy newbie. Please send a message to me, I’d be most grateful and I guarantee I won’t be wasting your time… My sincerest thanks. Jason


While I appreciate your desire for your very own personal mentor (and who knows someone may accept your offer?) this site was created to foster a mentoring community where we can all learn, share and benefit. I encourage you to spend some time browsing the forum as it’s certain to answer most if not all your questions.


Happy Sunday Adam, thanks for the advice and will do. Also thanks for your response as always much appreciated. Sincerest regards Jason


Please post your questions directly in the forum as they can benefit others as well as you.


You make a great point Chris, will do…